The 10 Best Websites For Music Lovers

Today, with so much attention on online media, the platform for music lovers has changed vastly. Facebook era has changed a lot on how the music lovers share and enjoy the music. Now the new breed of websites have emerged that solely dedicate themselves towards music. Here is a list of the 10 best websites for music lovers.

1. Soundcloud

It is a music-streaming site serving wide range of users. Artists who are looking to make their mark as musician can feature their original work and create their presence online. Currently, it is most effective way of sharing music online. Users can comment on songs, pin on specific time on track, and easy to follow. Player used on website is similar to those used on other popular music blogs, so users have user friendly environment.

2. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is same as iTunes where you create your own library and playlists. However, big difference is you have access to all songs on website rather than the songs you have downloaded. As most people switch from smartphone to computer, site allows the bounce easier. You can access songs from anywhere but you require internet 24 X 7.

3. Shuffler

Many of us like reading about musicians and upcoming artists. Shuffler is perfect website to get all the information, which includes browsing through millions of music blog on internet. You not only listen to the music but you have option of selecting different channel. These channels range from folk to indie rock. Bloggers who want to share their collection can add their blog to the sites collection. Readers can easily browse the new information through RSS feed.

4. Tastebuds

Tastebuds is one of a kind. It runs on a concept of bringing two people close to each other who have similar taste of music. You have to choose your favorite music and website pairs you to a persom with similar taste. Site is great place to discuss music with someone who has similar taste.

5. Stereomood

As the name suggest site is based on classifying songs depending on the mood. There is list of moods from which you could pick. Enter any phrase depending on your mood and site generates a playlist containing songs related to your mood. Site does ease the work of categorizing songs depending on the mood and types of songs you want to hear.

6. TheSixtyOne

TheSixtyOne gives new artists a chance to know what listeners think about their music. The moment you enter the site you see a pop-up featuring an artist and his music. In addition, pop-ups also describe who the artist or band is. Browsing through songs is easy as they are categorized into moods or genre and if you like songs its easy to share, comment or download. You can also add song to your iTunes library.

7. Songkick

Here is a great site that allows you to book concert tickets. You could not only book concert tickets to major band or artists but also to those who are still small. You find so many concerts that are not found on popular national concert aggregators. Site allows you to track bands and choose the right venue without having to search through the entire list.

8. Daytrotter

Daytrotter takes you closer to bands and artists. They specialize in conducting live sessions with musicians and makes available for you to watch or listen. However, for videos of live session you require membership. A simple browse through the archives you can listen to various playlists from readers. Site mostly likes to promote emerging bands, so you can catch the stars of future.

9. 8tracks

Site is like other music site where you listen the music of your choice. However, what brings it on this list is internet radio mixtapes. You could browser through the amazing range of mixtapes. You could browse by artists, genre and add them to your favorite. You could also upload you own mixtape and let the other users decide if your tape is good or bad.

10. Tubeify

Most of listen music on YouTube or as they are biggest sites for media. Tubeify makes you work easier as they bring the best music from both of these sites in one place. You could search for new songs without stopping the current song, create playlists, and share it among your friends. There are billboards on site, which shows which song has made it to the top on different music charts.

These new breed music websites are changing the way we listen and share music. It also server music lover’s enthusiasm by giving them little extra.