6 Ways Of Promoting Your Website On Social Media

The combination of a business website and social media presence has to be the strongest marketing. Website owners and managers can leverage on the power of the two platforms to achieve their bottom-lines.

Websites are built for a targeted audience – visitors to be turned into clients. On the other hand most social media networks are built for users to keep tabs on their family, friends and brands. These social media users are a great source of visitors for your website. This underlies the importance of promoting your website on social media networks.

If you are intent on getting your website noticed on social media you have come to the right place. The following techniques will get the attention of your followers, and networks, and drive them to your website.

Understand Your Audience

There are numerous of social media networks. It is therefore important to know which of these your intended audience prefers. For instance, it would be unproductive to focus your social media presence on Facebook while your potential clients prefer twitter. Understanding your audience is key to tapping into the stream of social media users. Once you have identified the social media networks signup for accounts in the same.

Update Your Social Media Profile

Merely opening a social media network account is not going to get you anywhere if the profile is shoddy. Most social media network have provisions for business bios – business name, products and service decription, website address and so on. Capitalise on this free marketing for your website. Fill in as much details as you can making sure you have a link to your website within the profile.

Personal Account Meet Business Account

You probably have a personal account within the same social media networks that you want to promote your website. Utilise that account to promote your website’s account as well as the website itself. Put a link to both on your personal profile. This way you get direct and indirect visitors to your website – those who would go direct from your personal profile to the website and those who will go to the business social media profile then to the website.

Leverage on Your Team

If you have a team the better. While it is not mandatory, you could ask them to update their personal profiles to point to your website. Consider this scenario, if you have five employees and they all include your website in their profiles that are five more important links. If they have multiple social media accounts then it gets even better.

Link Posts To Website Copies

Constant interaction and engagements are the baseline of social media networks. Social media users get on the sites to find out what people and brands in their networks are upto. You should use this to your advantage and post frequently – but be carefull not to appear as a spammer with numerous irrelevant post. Make sure your post are engaging, educative, informative, and/or entertaining. You can employ the use of images – social media users love pictures!

While you are it, make sure your posts are tied to a page on your website. If your post is about a product or service you are offering make sure you include the page on your website with the same. If it is a worthy post then user will be more willing to click on the link to your website. Make sure the page you link is related otherwise you will end up with bounced visits to your website.

Groups, Lists and Circles

Most social media networks have a provision for user with the same interest to form groups – list, circles or how they may be referred on the different social media websites. These groups are good forums to promote your website. Join these groups and make constructive contributions that will establish you as an authority in the particular niche. Sign off these contributions with a link to your website. Users are likely to click on the link especially if they find your contribution incisive.

Social media in the right hands can be a powerful tool to drive worthy traffic to your website. The first thing is to get in front of your intended audience – signup with the appropriate. Next use every opportunity available of getting your website noticed on social media.