How To Monetize Your Blog - The Effective Way

If you have spent any time looking at how to make money online, then you may have noticed that a lot of people are earning a good income each month via their blog. How much they can earn does vary a great deal and, for some, it may only cover their Internet bill each month and allow them to purchase a few small items. However, there are some people that earn what amounts to a full time income, which can be well above the national average, and of course there are numerous people that would love to join them. The problem here is with them being unaware as to how they can earn more money, but in all honesty by being intelligent with your blog there is no reason why your blog should not generate the cash you have been hoping for.

Getting Yourself Started

The first step in monetizing your blog effectively is by building your following and getting your blog noticed in the first place. You can install all kinds of things to earn you cash, but what is the point if nobody knows that you even exist?

What you ultimately need to do is to focus on a specific angle with your blog, and get writing a number of posts. Find other blogs that are similar to what you are doing, or which can link in with topics that you cover, and link to them. Get yourself on social media and build a following because when it comes to making money from a blog it really is in the number of hits you get rather than any secret formula to major success.

It is also worth noting that your blog should look clean and professional because it is known that visitors to web sites make up their mind as to whether or not they will stay there within the first few seconds. You need to make sure that your blog grabs their attention from the moment that they land there or else your chances of making any money from it will be doomed to fail before you have even had the chance to begin.

Adding Monetizing Options To Your Blog

Let us now assume that you have followed the advice above and you see that the number of hits and followers that you have is growing steadily on a day to day basis. At this point you should give some serious consideration to how you are going to monetize the blog and this is where you have a number of different options available to you. To make it easier to follow what we mean, we should look at the key ways individually.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the leading way to monetize your blog and there is a pretty good chance that you have previously made money for somebody else if you are a blog reader. When you land on a blog do you see adverts usually on the right hand side or just below the header section? Those blocks of adverts are from Google and you are allowed to set up an account and earn money from people clicking on those adverts. How much you earn depends on the adverts themselves and the adverts that are shown on your blog are going to be directly related to what your blog is all about. By displaying adverts that are relevant to the content it does increase the chances of people clicking through and you earning money. Positioning of the adverts is also important as is not overdoing it as people are turned off if they think that your blog is basically just one large advert.


If you have a habit of talking about certain products or along certain themes, then you can monetize your blog by joining Amazon as an affiliate. The way in which a lot of people make money with Amazon is to basically do reviews and you simply then add a link to the product on your page. You then make cash when somebody clicks on your link and goes ahead and buys something, as a special program called a cookie is placed on their computer that is linked to you. How much you make depends on the cost of the item as you earn a percentage of the sale, but it can be substantial if you have the traffic and the correct products.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is one example of affiliate marketing, but there are countless other opportunities out there just waiting for you to put on your blog. It makes sense for you to look specifically for websites that sell products related to your blog because your readers are going to be prime customers and ready to buy. You will be given banners and special buttons to add to your blog and this is pretty straightforward and just like before with Amazon, the amount you earn depends on what they buy, but it can easily add up over a month.

Sponsorship And Advertising

Finally, when it comes to monetizing your blog, then selling advertising space or even allowing somebody to sponsor a part of your blog is a good way to generate income. Just as with the Adwords section you need to be careful and not overdo the advertising, but you can add some adverts on various pages and in different locations. How much you can charge depends on the traffic that you get, but it is going to be a guaranteed sum of money each month if you can convince people to place their advert.

Of course when it comes to monetizing your blog it is often useful to have more than one money making method on there to increase your chances of generating that cash. Make life easier for yourself by going to blogs that are clearly making money and see how they have laid everything out. They can be your inspiration because if it works for them, then why will it not work for you? Just make sure that advertising comes from reliable sources and the same applies to the affiliate marketing so only go through official channels to avoid missing out.

Your blog can be more than just a place for you to voice your opinion. Instead, it can also generate you more income on a regular basis, but only if you have the traffic going there in the first place.