How To Know If Your Computer Is Infected With A Virus

One thing that mostly affects the computer’s performance is the virus. Too many people will not be able to detect if their computer has a virus or not. There are the common signs that people determine if a virus is present in a computer or not. In most cases, the anti-virus software will alert you if your system has any virus or not. It might be difficult to identify if your computer has any virus, but here is a way to help you know if your anti-virus doesn’t alert you.

Suppose The Computer Is Unstable

If the computer is unbalanced, then there could be a virus present. There are some viruses that will affect the essential files on your computer. This will affect the performance in general, and as a result, it might crash the computer. In this case, your computer might crash when you are trying to open a particular file or program, then it crashes, then chances are that the files have been corrupted by a virus.

Is It Too Slow?

Suppose your computer is running slower that its usual way, then the computer might be having a malware. Normally, the virus will drain the processing resources of your computer. Suppose there is no any heavy program running, but your system is still slow, you might be having a malware.

Strange Unauthorized Access

There could be some weird messages telling you that you cannot access specific drives on your machine. These messages indicate there could be something wrong with the system. Also, if there are some files or applications that won’t open, then it could mean that they have been infected. Some hardware, such as printers, might fail to respond to commands that you make. Though these signs will not necessarily mean that your system has a virus, they are probable signs of it having the virus.

Fluctuating File Sizes

Suppose you realize that the file size on your computer are fluctuating, without you accessing them, then it might be a sign that the computer might have some malware. Also, if you are not able to access the menus of your computer, and you find out that the appearance is distorted or they are odd, then your computer might be a victim of a virus.

Over Heating

If the computer gets too hot, then it might be under the attack of the virus. The malware will most likely block some operations of the computer, and in turn, they will work with more effort. This will make the computer to struggle, and as a result, it will overheat.


The malware in your computer will be mostly identified by situations like these ones. And for that, you will need to be keen enough. Be observant of any weird performance of your computer. And also, if you realize any rare file on your desktop, or when you open folders, then that could be a virus. Normally, the viruses will fluctuate, and they will not be stable at a single point on our computer, so you must be careful enough. In case you identify any virus in your system, you will need to take the necessary steps to get it out of your computer.