5 Everyday Things You Can Do To Keep Your Computer Healthy

Believe it or not, there's a direct correlation between the health of your PC and how you take care of it. A clean and well-maintained PC runs smoothly and efficiently. Conversely, a dusty and junk-ridden PC runs slowly and heats up fast. If you want your PC to work optimally at all times, you've to maintain it properly. Let's look at 5 really simple and practical things that you can do to today enhance the performance and health of your PC.

1) Clear Junk & Obsolete Files

Are you a file junkie? Here's what you need to know. Junk takes up valuable space and lowers system efficiency and the overall performance of your PC. Make it a habit to check your files and internal drives to make sure there's no junk. You can start by clearing the junk in the recycle bin and internal drives. When you clear junk regularly, you'll save space and improve the performance of your machine.

2) Clean and Dust Your PC

Just like every stationary object, your PC attracts and accumulates dust over time. Need proof? Just open your laptop or PC case and look inside. Dirt especially dust not only makes the PC unsightly, it also lowers efficiency and performance as well. Not only that, dust and pet hair also cause temperature issues because interfere with the fan. So, it's not just enough to clear junk, you've got to literally clean and dust your PC.

3) Use Antivirus Protection & Update Your Softwares

If you use your PC daily, make sure that you enable antivirus protection before you go online. We live in a dispensation where there's a proliferation of malware and viruses. Without good antivirus protection, you're opening up your PC to malware and virus infections. For as low as $19.95, you can get good antivirus protection and shield your machine from viruses.

It's not just enought to install anti-virus protection. It's alsoadvisable that you update your softwares regularly. Updating your softwares helps you fix bugs which makes your PC vulnerable. Subsequently, updating softwares improves system efficiency of your machine. Most softwares have free patches and updates. All you need is to connect to the internet and enable software updates.

4) Keep your PC cool

Do you normally use your PC for long hours? If so, make sure that it remains cool. Too much heat will not just slow down your PC, but it make it crash. To ensure that your PC remains cool, make sure there's plenty of airflow around your workspace. And if you're using a laptop,ensure air flows freely to the bottom and sides.

5) Use Your PC moderately

Technically, your PC is designed to do repetitive and boring tasks. However, that doesn't mean you should keep it running for long hours. Overworking your will not just load it memory and slow it down, it can cause also cause it to crash. Ideally, you should use your PC moderately. Also, avoid run-on tasks that require you to keep your PC running for several hours. And if you're office or room isn't properly ventilated, consider installing a fan to keep the temperatures low.