How Night Vision Works?

The standard process of how night vision works is related to the concept of light amplification. It’s important to understand that most night vision devices are basic light amplifying devices. In fact, the process is less costly than thermal. However, more effective and high end night vision products can be quite expensive. Light amplification takes the small amount of light, like starlight or moonlight, available in the surrounding area and converts light into electrical energy.

The electrical energy passes through a very thin disk similar to the size of a quarter. This contains more than 10 million channels. When the electrical energy travels and strikes the channel walls, thousands of more electrons producing electrical energy are released. The multiplied electrons bounce off an advanced phosphor screen. It converts the electrical energy back into light, and allows you to see everything in the dark.

How Night Vision Devices Work?

Most night devices work on a simple concept. The dim light enters the lens of the device from the front. Light is made of particles of light, called photons, of all colors. When the photons enter the device, they strike a highly light-sensitive surface, which is called a photocathode. This acts like a precise solar panel. It’s main purpose is to convert the particles of light into electrons, which are subatomic particles carrying electricity in a circuit.

The electrons are multiplied by the device’s photomultiplier. Each electron that enters the photomultiplier produces more electrons when leaving the photomultiplier. These electrons hit a phosphor screen and create tiny flashes of bright light. Since the number of photons created in the process is more than the number that entered the device, the screen produces a brighter version of the scene.

What Should You Look For?

These are many different kinds of night vision products available in the market. Thus, you need to conduct a thorough research to filter out some options. The process may seem complex and time consuming. It’s important to consider some important things in your night vision device.

For instance, you need to make sure the device doesn’t lack color or clarity. It should also provide you with a good field of vision. There are also high end night vision products that don’t require an extra power source. This offers more flexibility, convenience and ease of use.

When it comes to the basic functioning of night vision products, there are also other simple concepts. In simple terms, the most popular night vision products, i.e, night vision goggles work in two ways. This depends on the technology used.

Image Enhancement

These goggles collect tiny amounts of light, which also includes the lowest part of the infrared light spectrum. As mentioned earlier, the spectrum is amplified. This is the process explained above.

Thermal Imaging

This particular technology captures the upper part of the light spectrum. It’s emitted in the form of heat instead of reflected light. Hot objects, such as warm bodies, emit the upper part of the spectrum, and seem visible to the naked eye.

It’s worth mentioning that night vision products are innovative devices. They can be used for a wide range of applications. However, the most prominent applications of these devices include defence and military purpose. These days, you can buy these devices online at reasonable prices.