10 Horrible Tech Habits You Must Get Rid Of

Technology is part of our life and like other issues that are part of our lives, there are certain code of conduct that must be observed. There are certain habits that you need to get rid of otherwise, the damage will affect your life. Here are 10 horrible tech habits you must get rid of.

Using one password for everything

Your password is like the gate pass to your digital world or your technology world. The identifying factor allows you privy to essential information that you have stored in the digital world. There are various accesses that you have. Some are casual and social and do not matter much. Their security may be flimsy some are serious and mean the world to you. If you have a common password that means the same type of door for all these information.

Never using the two step authentication when protecting important accounts

Many people are lazy online. Going through the two-step authentication process is beneficial for important accounts. It is an additional security measure that if you value the account, it should be worth any trouble. Two step authentication is designed to put more caution to the security that the account is accorded.

Not deleting photos and other data from phone

Phone have limited capacity. You need to be economical when using the space. Having things that you do not need on your phone is a disadvantage to you. People have a habit of not deleting the data that they do not need from their phones. Photos and data that are kept within the small memory that are not of use or have expired, should be deleted to create room for others.

Not changing password

It is a common habit to have the same password for years. You should always change your passwords regularly. Having the same password for a long time is dangerous while this habit is common. Your password should not last more than three months. The best way of keeping your accounts safe is by changing the password regularly. Most email systems remind the account holders to change the password but the habit of not changing the password persist.

Sitting in bad posture while working on your computer

The posture that you have while working on your computer affects your health. In most cases, people love bending towards the screen. This is a bad habit because it tilts the backbones forward. Having this habit may result to permanent neck issues especially for people who work long hours. The challenge is, one may not realize that they are sitting in a bad posture.

Not logging out of devices

It is common to simply close the screen that you are working on and not log out. Once one gets what they want, most people simply close the window and do not log out. This is a bad habit because if someone else accesses you device, the account will still be open.

Not restarting your computer

Leaving your computer on sleep or standby mode every time you stop working on it is a bad habit. It is important to restart a computer so that you get a fresh start. It kills the background processes and makes your computer run faster.

Not doing your updates or delaying the updates

Many people usually ignore the update prompts. It is a bad habit to ignore the prompts. The updates come as an improvement from the previous software. They come out of the fact that some bugs or problems may occur with time and the update has reviewed the problem and come up with a solution.

Not backing up files

Backing up files is an important process. However, many people ignore backing the files regularly. It is a common habit to postpone backing up files, the challenge is that in the event of a damage on the computer, the important files will be lost.

Always checking your phone before going to be

It is common to always check the phone before going to bed. The habit is known to cause sleep deprivation. Artificial light that comes from the phone has been documented to cause sleep deprivation. It is a bad habit because the blue light from the phone is known to emit tricks to the human body that make the body feel that it is morning already.