Make A Fast Transfer Of Files From Your Mobile To Computer

Most people now have more than one mobile device and a number of other electronic gadgets such as digital cameras. When you want to share files between different devices, it becomes tricky due to the fact that these devices have different operating systems. It is therefore important to find a way of harmonizing items from different gadgets into one file. If you need to share files between your mobile phone and computer, the most obvious way is through the use of an USB cable. If for some reason it is not possible to use a cable, there is a need to look for a wireless method of doing it. Another common method involves a person emailing the file to their own address from one device then downloading it to the other chosen gadget. In this case, a person may choose to transfer a file from their iPad to the computer through this method. When one has to transfer a huge file, they are likely to use save the item on dropbox then access it on another device. This article will discuss how to share files between mobile phones and computers.

Mobile to computer sharing

If you have an android phone, there is a simple method of transferring files from your phone to your computer. Android phones have an accessory that is available on Google play known as Airdroid. You simply need to download Airdroid for free. As long as you have a Wi-fi connection, this software allows you a fast transfer of files between your phone and the computer. This software gives you an opportunity to manage your mobile devices from the computer's desktop. This means that you can transfer or share files as you please. In addition, you can also link to your contacts and messages including sending SMS's from your computer. Further, you may also be able to view videos or pictures available on your phone from the desktop on your computer. If you choose to edit the pictures, Airdroid lets you make the changes you desire.

How does it work?

The first step is to start up the Airdroid on your mobile. Once you have it active, it will display a local IP Address. Next you need to input that IP address on to your PC's browser. You will then notice that your PC browser and the mobile device will attempt to connect and will display a message asking you to accept the pairing. Once you press on the accept button on your mobile, the connection will be established.

There is another method that you can use to make the same connection. In this case you use the computer to initiate the pairing. You can do this by going to where you will encounter a dashboard and a log in screen with a QR code. Next you activate the Airdroid on your mobile device. You then use the scan QR code button and once you perform the scan, the devices pair immediately.

If you love transferring data or information from your mobile devices to your PC, you will enjoy making use of the free Airdroid software.