Try These 100 Creative Ideas For A Website

Just what type of website should I create? This seems to be the dominant question website owners ponder over everyday. Surveys involving online users have come up with various ideas and suggestions which might be helpful to any website owner. They will help him to know what type of website to create. This will not involve professionals as is the case with most website developments. They are the types of ideas that can be used and developed with any average person. The 100 creative ideas for a website are listed below.

1. Business specific site: Choose you business niche and write about everything about your specific niche.

2. Product reviews website: Review products for other sites and become an affiliate to search engines like Amazon which pays when products are bought through your site.

3. Blogs: Write your own blogs about your experiences, your wold view and anything that interests you.

4. Financial advice and debt management blog: Create a site that is able to offer expert advice on matters relating to finances and give helpful tips to debtors, students, business people and all who require your kind of financial advice.

5. Company website: Promote and advertise your company through channels like social media and other online forums.

6. Gaming blog: acquire die hard fans and gaming enthusiasts by showing them how to make and develop games.

7. Video game website: Create websites to uploading videos of your screen when playing games. This will increase you tube following.

8. Adventurous sports blog: You can compile and document all your adventures like sky-diving, deep diving, mountain climbing and all sorts of adventurous maneuvers

9. Do it Your Self website: Showing people how to do things through blogs in your website.

10. Website about dancing: You can use blogs, pictures, videos and other medium to showing dancing styles, how to dance and anything related to dancing

11. Art or painting site: Sell your paintings on your website through PayPal. You can sell copies at affordable prices.

12. Rankings website: Show rankings relating to any subject matter. For example, the 10 most preferred cars in the world, Africa, Asia etc.

13. Ask a question website: Engage people by answering them questions relating to your expertise or on any other issues that feel competent to handle

14. Weight loss blog: Use blogs, pictures videos and any other medium to show how you lost weight and the methods you employed.

15. A website about scrap booking: Show the skills involved through various mediums.

16. Website for dream interpretations: Interpret dreams from others and even start a diary to record the dreams and their interpretations.

17. Wedding website: About yourself and the ones you love including wonderful memories in videos, photos and any other treasured moments.

18. Cards collection site: With the sole aim of buying and selling of your favorite cards collection.

19. Own Portfolio website: Which shows your talents, designs, demonstrations ,and any other special features that you posses.

20. Career guide website: Show others how to develop in their careers and offer wonderful tips to aspiring individuals.

21. Polls and survey website: Create a site with multiple surveys on many aspects in society.

22. Kids site: A site dealing with issues relating to children like education and leisure.

23. Info graphic website: Creating and posting digital info graphs on your blogs.

24. Website about the history of companies: Have a list of renown companies and their histories.

25. Website about products and services comparisons: Comparing products and services of different companies. Able to earn you some money from the respective companies.

26. Website in poetry: Write and post your poems.

27. Music website: Show your music inclinations and try to get people with the same taste s for music as yourself.

28. Fashion website: Issues relating to fashion, trends and general developments using various mediums.

29. Donation website: Create compelling and heart touching stories to make people to donate for a worthy cause.

30. Guitar lessons website: Showing people how to learn playing the guitar and how to advance in guitar playing.

31. Stamp collection website: Show off old, new and antique stamps. You can also trade in stamps in your site.

32. Website about experiments: Give and demonstrate different experiments using various mediums. Experiments like meditation, physical exercises etc.

33. Trouble shoot website: Show different aspects of trouble shooting in an area that you are competent in.

34. Celebrity website: Create a site listing different celebrities, their professions, worth, popularity, likes, dislikes etc.

35. Pets website: Create a website about pets and how to take care of them and everything related to pets.

36. Singles website: Write blogs about singles and their way of living, their views and inclinations etc.

37. Divorcées website: Show divorcées are coping with their new life, their struggles, their new line of thinking and all aspects relating to divorce and its effects on them.

38. Home improvement website: Create a site about homes, different areas of home improvements, designs, furniture, gardens foods and everything home.

39.Foreign languages site: how to learn foreign languages, challenges, lessons, usefulness and any thing relating to a foreign language.

40. Leadership website: A website relating to leadership in any sphere of life including in the home, at work, social circles etc.

41. Cooking lessons website: Teach people how to cook different types of foods, their recipes etc.

42. Creative ideas site: Relating to different areas of specialization like carpentry, tailoring, business etc.

43. Self-help website: Motivate others to take positive steps in their challenging situations in education, health, career etc.

44. Compilation website: Compile every tit bit in any area relating to a certain subject matter.

45. Farming website: Showing different types of farming, good farming practices, benefits etc. use any relevant medium to demonstrate and inform people.

46. Gardening website: show how to maintain a garden, different types of gardens, etc

47. Healthy living website: Write blogs about healthy living. Show how to live healthy by providing tips.

48. Online marketing website: To show different marketing online marketing strategies by blogs, demonstrations etc.

49. Sports blog: About different types of sports, recent happenings, popular sports by using videos and blog posts.

50. Dating tips website: Teach people how to date through various mediums.

51. Blank website: Where anybody can post anything on the site because it stands for nothing or everything.

52. Confessions website: Where people can confess and repent their evil deeds.

53. Church website: Showing different churches, events and teachings.

54. Research website: Where you embark on a detailed research about a certain subject matter.

55. Quotable quotes site: Where you list a number of memorable and popular quotes by different personalities and traditions.

56. Meditation site: Touching on different types of meditation, the process involved and other features.

57. Hiking website: For hikers and the various things to consider when hiking.

58. Fishing website: Showing different areas of fishing, experiences and equipment.

60. Debates site: Which stimulates debates on controversial issues.

61. Funny clips websites: Showing different funny clips from various sources

62. Advertising website: Where goods and services are advertised in your site.

63. Ex-convicts website: For reformed criminals, their experiences and new life.

64. Lonely hearts website: For people who are lonely and how to cope with loneliness.

65. Gay and lesbian websites: articulating issues of gays and lesbian through various mediums.

66. Human rights website: Where you articulate issues relating to human rights including child abuse, child labor, forced marriage, neglect etc.

67. Hypothetical questions websites: This drafts a hypothetical question and asks the readers to respond with what they could have done under the circumstances.

68. Singing lessons website: Giving lessons in singing using different mediums.

69. Piano lessons website: Blogs about playing the piano, tutorials and videos of piano playing.

70. Politics website: Which has blogs, debates and other features relating to politics.

71. News website: Giving the latest news as featured in different news channels and mediums.

72. Mobile devices website: Involving different mobile devices,models,designs, repairs etc.

73. Computer repairs website: Sites relating to computer repairs and maintenance.

74. Garage doors website: How to repair garage your doors, the different types of garage doors etc.

75. Holiday website: A site about where to spend your holidays, pictures and videos of favorite destinations etc.

76. My ex blog: Create a site or page about your ex and the issues behind the situation.

77. Weight gain site: Which shows people how to gain weight if they feel emaciated or skinny.

78. Color blind website: Try to know if you are color blind by using different colors.

79. Family tree website: Creating your family tree and encouraging participation.

80. Comedy website: Where you can feature comical situations using blogs, pictures and videos.

81. Destiny Website: Where you encourage people to engage about their destiny and their choice.

82. Long story website: where you write a long story, novel or a series of events which keep on continuing in a long story line.

83. Poultry keeping website: Where you can teach people different aspects about poultry keeping.

84. Rabbit keeping website: Where you can give lessons about keeping rabbits and their benefits.

85. Body building website: You can show people the various workouts and methods of body building. You can also advice on the supplements to be used.

86. Child stories website: You can create a website where you give different bed time stories in form of posts or even videos and audios.

87. Don't hack my site blog: You can create a blog to stop people from hacking your site.

88. Dirty tricks website: you can create a blog featuring the most unimaginable dirty tricks and pranks to play on others.

89. Smokers blog: You can create a blog relating to various issues faced by smokers and also stimulate discussions on smoking.

90. How to protect yourself blog: Create a blog showing various protective techniques to employ in case you are attacked.

91. Parenting website: You can create a blog about parenting and the various issues encountered by parents.

92. Crazy stunts website: You can create a blog with videos of crazy stunts.

93. Kitchen website: Create a blog about various kitchens and kitchen equipment. It can include blogs and videos.

94. Movies website: You can post videos, trailers and pictures of popular or the latest movies. You can also do reviews of the movies.

95. Theater website: This can feature blogs about theaters and the latest happenings in theaters, plays and skits playing etc.

96. Environment watch blogs: You can do blogs about environment , pollution, and burning global environmental issues by blogs, pictures and videos.

97. Where to find website: You can create a site which gives advice to people about where to find anything they need.

98. Insomniacs website: Create a blog about insomniacs and how they can overcome their conditions by engaging in various activities when they lack sleep. Engage insomniacs at night.

99. A geeks website: where you can engage on various computer related tasks with passionate individuals.

100. Alcoholism website: Create a blog about alcoholism and engage people with the various dimensions of alcoholism and also the recovering alcoholics. Going out website: to show people the best place to go out like cinemas, restaurants, hotels etc. You can use various mediums to do this.

With this very big list of 100 creative ideas for a website it is very difficult for any potential web owner to develop a successful website without using any professional to develop it for him. This means that the average website owner is bound to save a lot on expenses which come with professional service. The only problem that is no problem at all is the choice of a domain name which can be easily created.

The above list is not exhaustive and many more ideas can be added to it. It only depends on the creativity and objective of the owner and the purpose of his website. This will fully distinguish the website as unique and niche specific entity. You can come up with different types of creativity ideas as you wish so long as they are unique and serve your particular taste and style. You should not worry how it sounds or how the reception might be so long as it represents your objectives and aims for your specific site. Care should also be taken not to get overly excited about the wordings but a clear thinking and creative attitude must be applied and the effects might amaze you. This is a sure way of creating a website that will not only suit your purposes but also create a niche for your site and audience.