How To Connect Your Computer To Your TV

People usually connect their computer to their TV to view the photos and videos saved on the computer on the larger screen of TV with their family and friends. They can also watch online movies on their TV screen by browsing web through their computer. But to avail these benefits one must know how o connect the computer to the TV. Brief information in this regard is provided in this write up for your guidance.

All you need to connect your computer to your TV is the right type of cable. Both the components of the cable should match to the connecting points of the computer and TV. If they do not match properly then you can use adapters so that they can match and work properly.

Selecting the right type of cable

Various types of connecting cables are available in the market which can be used to connect your computer to your TV. You can choose from them on the basis of picture quality your want ranging from lowest to highest. Facility of multiple connections is provided with most of the HDTVs commonly including DVI and HDMI to provide high quality picture after connecting computer or laptop to your HDTV. For standard-definition pictures you can use S-Video connection which will provide less sharp picture. Brief information about various types of connecting cables provided her undee can he;p you in choosing the right cable for you.

HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface is normally used for the best quality picture production on High Definition TVs. If your computer is not compatible to this connection then you can use adapter to convert HDMI to DVI to make it suitable for it.

Adapter for Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI: In order to connect laptops with Mini DisplayPort to your TV special adapters can be used to enable it to connect with DisplayPort so that it can be attached to HDTV through HDMI cable.

DVI: DVI or Digital Video Interface is a common connection available with most of the HDTVs but it can not support TVs with Standard-Definition. You need a separate audio cable with DVI connection if you also want sound with the picture.

VGA: Video Graphics Array or VGA connection is commonly found on both, the HDTVs and the computers. Like DVI VGA also can not carry audio signals so you will have to use a stereo audio cable to listen sound with picture.

S-Video: S-Video port is available with most of the TVs and some laptops to provide moderate quality picture at fairly affordable price but it may not be suitable for HDTVs. If you want sound then you will have to use separate audio cable like DVI connection.

After selecting the right cable, before turning on the computer, you should first connect the cable to the TV as severally it fails to recognize external display option. After connecting the cable you should now select the right input option on your TV like Blu-Ray player or DVD player to observe picture quality. Now your TV is ready to display the programs of your choice saved on your computer on its big screen.