20 Android Apps Your Phone Must Have

The moment you purchase an Android smartphone, your expectations is always that you will find it already installed with the most essential applications if not with some extras as well. In fact, your phone might have some of the best cutting edge specifications, a sleek and a wonderful design, but if you do not install the right applications in it then you might as well be missing out on so much experience. Therefore, regardless of whether you are using the best android phone or a tablet, having the most essential android applications is necessary if you are to truly utilize your phone effectively and enjoy some of the best phone experiences. Further, having the basic applications is necessary and that is good. The android market has become one of the fastest growing mobile application store in the market lately, with every other day introducing applications that plays a very significant role in your life, while also helping to make your phone rather more attractive and of course more interactive.

That said however, if you poses an android phone, a tablet or simply a smartphone, then you can always customize it with some of the best android applications, which will definitely make your work and life more interesting and easier, as these apps will help to improve its performance, help to manage your files , enable networking and help in numerous other things and which will definitely make your phone look and feel better. Indeed, there are hundreds of android apps in the store that will surely guarantee a better user experience, however, away from the thousands of android application in the Google app store, the following are some of the 20 android apps your phone must have.

1. Clean Master

This is an android application that helps to speed up your phone processor as well as to free your phone's memory space by protecting your phone from vulnerabilities and malicious applications, plus it removes unwanted and junk files.

2. CM Security AppLock Antivirus

This is also another security app that helps to protect your phone from threats and malware as well as from your SD card. It therefore boost your memory, block unwanted calls, lock apps and assist in finding a lost phone.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager

This is an application that helps to easily access and to navigate through the present files through your Android smartphone.

4. DU Battery Saver

This is an application that helps to co-ordinate the phone background applications as well as to help to save the juice and the battery power.

5. MS Office Mobile

This is an office applications for android phone that allows you to edit, access and to view various MS office documents such as Ms excel,power point, word and so on.

6. AirDroid

This is an application that makes managing your android phone easier ,simple, and efficient. It allows you to transfer your files online from the PC or laptop to your Android device without having to use a USB.

7. Apply Geek

This is a technology news app and a perfect application for freaks and tech geeks to receive and read news on technology.

8. News360-Personalised News

This is one of the useful android apps that that is convenient for people that likes to read news. It helps to aggregates a number of blogs and lots of stories around interesting stories for you.

9. Adobe reader

This application help one to read all kinds of PDF files and documents on the android phone

10. True caller

This is an application that will aid the owner of an android phone to easily identify unknown numbers and to block sms and calls from spams and unwanted callers.

11. Opera Mini

This is one of the fastest and the best browser for an android phone, that has a simple interface that gives you the option to see view your phone or to view the desktop.It helps to save the bandwidth and a tab functionality to allow you to open multiple tabs.

12. WhatsApp

This is mobile messaging application that allows you to send messages, pictures and videos through your phone's regular texting service. It is an all featured messaging application that allow you to send more richer content

13. Wifi Tethering

This is a wireless hotspot application that allows you to tether your mobile network to devices such as your laptop, tablet and thus connect them to the internet.You can therefore tether other devices to your phone via the WiFi or using the blue tooth.

14. Super Beam

This is a feature that allows you to easily and to quickly share files and documents between the android smartphones.

15. Drop box

This feature allows you to automatically synchronize files between your computer, phone and tablet, to which you download and save files and documents on your dropbox directory on your phone. It also allows you to configure the apps to synchronize your photos and documents to the cloud.

16. Spotify

This is an internal playlist with an extensive library of songs to chose from and that which allows you to listen and to download some of the latest songs through your mobile phone and listen to offline .

17. Netflix

Netflix is a premier movie and a TV streaming service that helps you to get stream and to watch some of your favorite TV shows and movies from library filled online movie stores directly to your mobile phone.

18. Overnote

This is a digital multi tool which acts as a great list keeper, a note taker, a voice recorder, a to do manager as well as a web clipper. It also has an optical character recognition,that allows for text in photos searchable.

19. Snapspeed

Snapspeed is an application that will allow you to take and edit photos and images, crop ,size and to rotate them to your most desired size, shapes and clarity before sharing.

20. Google drive

This is a cloud storage service that also act as a perfect mobile office suite. It enables one to access important files from anywhere, create new text and spreadsheets as well as numerous presentation documents and also to collaborate with other people all from your Android network.