Things To Do Before Applying For Adsense

There is much concerning things to do before applying for adsense. The things people must do before filling out the Adsense application are nit impossible, and they are quite easy, too. However, having a list of the things people must do before filling out the application is key. Doing the wrong things can make a person's application not get approved in a hurry.

What Is Adsense?

The first thing people must do is understand exactly what Adsense is and its purpose. Google Adsense is a program started by Google to help both large businesses and bloggers. This helps large businesses by spreading their advertisements all over the world. This also helps all bloggers by helping them earn an extra income. Bloggers will advertise these large businesses on their website. Every time a person clicks on an advertisement, the blogger gets paid. Adsense pays a few times a month on a particular day.

A great thing about Google Adsense is that it's free. This is one of the only free ways for businesses to advertise and for people to make money at the same time. Beyond that, Adsense offers many bonuses to bloggers that are bringing in a lot of money. These bonuses will even put more money into the pocket of bloggers.

Full-time bloggers can have as many advertisements as they want, and they may have these advertisements on multiple websites. The only thing people need to understand in that bloggers do not get paid for visitors. Some people get a million visitors and no clicks, and they wonder where their money is hiding. Clicks is the only way to generate income through Adsense.

Application Rules

The next few pieces of information pertain to the rules of the application. The administration of Adsense is very strict when it comes to accepting Adsense applications. All of the requirements have to be met one hundred percent. If certain requirements are not met, the application will be tossed. The applicant will also have to wait some time before applying again.

A Privacy Policy

Not having a privacy policy is a sure way of an application getting rejected. This policy must state exactly who is seeing the visitors' information. The policy must be professional and have the characteristics of a traditional privacy policy. This policy should be at least a page or two.

An About Us Page

An about us page is also needed. The administration of Adsense must know exactly what type of information people are going to be reading on a daily basis. Knowing this will help the administration know how much traffic a particular blogger may see on a daily basis. This will help the administration make a firm decision regarding the acceptance of the application. This will also help the administration make sure there is no bad language or images within the daily blogs.

Age Is A Must

The blogger must be eighteen years of age, and he/she must display this on the blog site. Some people take this a step further and place it on every page associated with the main blog page. It would also be helpful to make it a certain color so its stands out. Many people have gotten their application rejected for this silly reason.

Have Your Own Website

People applying for Adsense must have their own website. This leaves the blogger responsible and not some famous article posting site. This also shows the administration of Adsense that this blogger is serious about his/her work. This can be a cheap website that only costs fifty dollars to make and five dollars a month for the domain. However, it must be a solid website owned by the blogger.


The information here covers things to do before applying for Adsense. If people follow the rules displayed here, they will have their Adsense application accepted in no time. Beyond that, if people follow the rules presented here, they will find success using Adsense in no time. Adsense wants to help everyone, but everyone must help themselves first. This helping begins with following all of the necessary ruled in order to put together a positive application. For some, these application rules can be fulfilled within hours. For others new to this world, a day or two will be sufficient enough.